Bohemian Symphony: Complete has been released! + Q&A

The complete edition of Bohemian Symphony, a visual novel written using an AI, is now out for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android for free!

- Follow the nonsensical adventures of Zalmora Greenhand and friends as they attempt to solve murders, fend off curses, and survive zombie apocalypses. Starting from Book 2, you get to live the life of a struggling detective surrounded by incompetence, while trying to get your life together at long last.

- Live an epic romance or two with men that you can *totally* trust with your life and will not abandon you when you need them the most.

- Featuring 15+ endings - try to see all of the ways Zalmora can meet a terrible fate, as well as the different reactions the cast can give to his choices!

- Choose to play with the adapted and revised script or with the original AI generated one, featuring human commentary if desired.

- Don't take it too seriously, or else you'll drive yourself as insane as the protagonist. This is a PSA.

It’s a grueling tale of ghosts, mysteries, and Illinois - now also featuring arson, gun-wielding angels, and fire demons. Please do give it a try!

Here’s a small Q&A that might include some of your questions regarding this updated version.

Q: Will my Book 1 savefiles carry over to this new release?

A: Yes, it should. Bohemian Symphony: Complete reads your savefile from the same location that the Book 1 savefiles are stored, so as long as you haven’t touched that, it should work just fine - this includes your progress in the main story, which extra chapters were unlocked, which minigames were cleared, and so on.

Q: I cleared Book 1 before this release. Will I miss anything new if I go straight to Book 2?

A: No. The changes made to Book 1 in this release include only bugfixes and minor graphical improvements, as well as the removal of the credits sequence (they now play at the end of Book 3 instead).

Q: My old savefiles aren’t being recognized/ I tried loading a save and it gave an error / some of this save’s info seems borked…

A: Please report what happened in the comments with as much detail as possible, and I’ll investigate it.

Q: did you add a way to skip the chess girl. PLEASE free us

A: there is no escape from chess girl. have a nice day.

I hope you all enjoy the full experience of this truly epic adventure!

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