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Lo jugué aunque está en inglés y no en Español, pero realmente me gustó a pesar de que entendí solo el 80% más o menos de lo que decían los personajes.

Algo es seguro, "Friend" es el mejor personajes y nadie me hará cambiar de opinión. (ง'̀-'́)ง

Buen juego para pasar el rato, y fue mejor de lo que pensé.

Espero que puedas seguir disfrutando haciendo juego. Estoy seguro de que no fue fácil para nada.

Espero también algún día hacer un juego que pueda disfrutar y entretener a otros.

"Stand proud, you are strong." - Sukuna

Thank you so much for playing! There is a Spanish translation in the works. ;)

Cool game 

Kept getting better

Wish I wasn't broke so I could dono

I appreciate the kind words anyway! There might be a giveaway of some free keys for the DLC next month ;)

this is awesome, thanks steam for recommending this


Thank you for playing!

caused me to do a good think about mental illness and delusions awesome vn and im keeping mygf in my brain forever

No thoughts. Head full of MyGF… thank you for playing!

I love it,is simple and horrofiying the idea,but i wish we could date other characters

Thank you for the feedback! Which characters would you want to date? I’ve seen quite a few people want to romance Lion…

Hi ! I just watched a stream about this game in French and the streamer i watched loved the game, we would love to see the dlc in french too ! Lots of love to everyone who worked on the game <3

Thank you!! As a solo dev this means a lot. Sadly for the french translation of the DLC I lack the funds to pay a translator 😭 in the future with donations and purchases I hope to be able to afford that 🙏

Ah i see ! Well as a solo dev, you made an incredible work, we hope one day you'll get enough funds for that ! 🫶🏻 

Hi! I just watched it too. Your game is really insane please keep up your good work ❤️❤️. I don't know if you will be okay with this but i still say it in case you think it's a great idea. I have a pretty good translation between french to english and english to french. As you might know (or not know) we (french people) aren't that good with english for the most part. Even tho i don't really need to use a translator and i do think that someone who grew in France might help the translation to be more realistic (for expressions for example). I would really like to help you and your game to grow up and help people who can't understand english to discover this game. I hope you'll have a great day and be proud of what you've done please. You deserve so much love and support! Keep it up! ❤️🤗


i could help too !  If they are okay with it :)

You’re so sweet, thank you so much. This means a lot to me ;___;

I really, really do want Another Episode to be translated to other languages, including French. And I’m very happy that you’re offering to translate it, but I don’t think it would be fair or ethical of me to accept your offer. Another Episode is a paid game, so it’s only fair that translators are paid what they’re worth as well. In the videogame industry, translators are underpaid and often go uncredited. I don’t want to be a part of the problem, even as a very small indie dev.

For AE’s 24k words of text, a translation at a fair price would be over 2 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, the sales of Another Episode are nowhere near enough to reach that amount.

The best way to support a future french translation would be to purchase Another Episode and the bonus wallpaper here or on Steam, or donating on Ko-Fi, so I can save up the money specifically for MyGF. Spread the word your friends and favorite streamers or let’s players. Talk about it on social media. Leave reviews on Steam!

Thank you again for your kind words. I very much hope that one day I’ll be able to fund more translations for MyGF: Another Episode. <3

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That is really understandable. I will try to help you as much as i can when i'll be able to:). Even tho, my offer is still open and will always be, even if it's like 5 min of gameplay it would make me really happy to translate them! 

I'm looking forwards your next games and thank you so much for your hard work. Your game is insane!!❤️❤️

this is understandable, i will do my best to help you whenever i'm able to, and same as Nysunn, the offer will always be up if you ever want some help !

Thank you for your hard work and i hope you'll get the support you need for all your projects (or for this game and dlc :) ) 🫶🏻

this is geniunely amazing, one of the best vns, it is a little short but is really really good, i loved the characters and the story, this deserves a lot more content, geniunely immaculate ^^

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Thank you so much for playing, I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! ❤️ Make sure to check out the Another Episode DLC for more ;)

i will ^^


Hi, I played this game on Steam. And I gotta say, this is one of my new favorite VN's! In fact, I'm adding it to my list of my top 5 favorite VN's of all time :D

Aaaaaah what a honor ;w; Thank you so much!!


Eu joguei esse jogo quando ele ainda tinha acabado de sair, e a prova que a sua escrita é poderosa é que ele permanece fresco na minha cabeça até agora. Eu realmente quis chorar em algumas cenas pois relacionamento entre os personagens é simplesmente ótimo, te faz sentir. A cena do origami praticamente me quebrou.

Eu ainda tenho que me organizar pra comprar a DLC mas vale muito a pena  cada centavo pra quem quiser uma boa história que fica com você.


Nossa, que incrível que o jogo ficou contigo por tanto tempo! Isso me toca muito. Houveram diversas atualizações nos últimos tempos que melhoraram a experiência ainda mais, mas saber que você curtiu tanto mesmo o jogo original deixa meu coração quentinho. <3

P.S: No meu instagram tem um desconto para brasileiros que estão com dificuldade para comprar Another Episode com o dólar alto. ;)


Quea nada eu faço questão de dar apoio completo. Espero que você continue criando!

Just played this game and I gotta say, I LOVED it! I wont spoil anything but I really recommend playing this. :D

Thank you SO much for playing! <3


dude now  i need 4$

revisit after YEARS I'm about to play it :3

Sorry for the late reply - I hope you managed to play it and enjoyed it!!



Omg, this was so fun!! I love multiple endings, and was very confused when I saw that there was only one save file and it was the automatic ones. That is, until I finished my first run, click 'start' and SURPRISE GUYS !!! IT'S A LOOP GAME !! I love those kind of games because it makes it so fun to get new endings. I got the first 5 very straightforward, and noted them down for my bookmark to add this to my collection lol
BTW, I named myself Riolle, my gf Toomy and my bestie Diana, why? Rikka had Diana vibes to me, I have just acquired the name Riolle for myself when playing games, and Toomy is my platonic husband lmao. I knew as soon as I met Toomy in game that she was a little screw loose, but hey, what can ya do.
Here's my notations for each ending lmao

Ending #1 "A Match Made In Hell": Done by selecting 'inspect doll further' (for direct ending anyway, you can also choose other options for deeper knowledge)
Ending #2 "I'll Support You": Don't reset, ask "Know any good movies?", select "yes", "I'll tell her"
Ending #3 "Lone Crane" : Continue not resetting, no choices shown this route
Ending #4 "999 More": Continue not resetting, no choices shown this route, however, POV switch !! 
Ending #5 "True End": Continue not resetting, oop MC real messed up now RIP
ENDING "Blossoming Memories": Inspect the right room in first playthrough for the photo, ask Diana about cherry blossom spots
ENDING "In Which Everything Is Normal": Don't tell Diana about your favourite genre to watch

Lion is my baby boy and I treasure him so much. I like the detail that by choosing to investigate more, we learn about bullying occurring, and that unlocks an extra cutscene on the rooftop where Lion gets to interact with Toomy's friend. That's what I love about games that utilise this "reset" but characters Remember gimick !! It's so neat.

Your character designs are so simple and so neat !! The character dynamics are just, peak. Everything is So Good !! I love the fact Lion knows and is crushing on Riolle because they comment gory details for their site to get past the no image filter. He wants a Friend and MAYBE smth more !! Bless him, I'd be besties with him if I could. He's a sweetheart. PLUS! Who doesn't like someone who can origami ??? Toomy, apparently. Girlie can't handle a guy having a crush and trying to ask the homie out because no one knows Toomy and Riolle are a Couple. See, guys, this is why communication is important--

First playthrough, I was like "ooo who dis" when getting to Lion's perspective, I was excited bcuz I love when POV switches happen. It just invigorates me ya know !! I love learning about new / side characters, and Lion was no exception !! Learning his name in the loop after his POV was so rewarding, dude, I was SO excited to learn his name. 

One of the lines that's gonna stick with me from now on, is when Lion says "Or do you still think what she did to me was a gift?" Like, DAMN, nail that right into my heart why dontcha. That whole final run was unnerving, with Riolle's silence with their cheshire grin we first saw in the first playthrough after Toomy admitted to the murder. It really adds to that building tension that smth is Wrong, that Riolle isn't okay. That was a building concept throughout the other playthroughs, with the detail changes like the eyebags, the internal dialogue discussing things Riolle shouldn't know, but that last runthrough just takes the cake for unnerving design. The way no one acts like anything is wrong, specifically Diana. Sharing her food with Riolle, and Lion being the one to finally crack and point out how Riolle hasn't MOVED at all, just going place-to-place, before settling back down and conceding to just. . .Make a paper crane with the colourful paper Diana grabbed.

This whole thing is such cool storytelling, and I'm so in love with it. Thank you for making this :D !! I really enjoyed the time I took to play through it. Have a splendid timezone <333


I feel SUPER bad that I took so long to reply to this amazing, super thought out comment aaaaa!!! My heart is warm and full ;w; I’m SO happy you enjoyed the game this much!!

Comments like yours are what keeps me going when my brain is being mean to me. The fact that this lil project touched you this way is so amazing!! Thank you for playing!


The spam bots are back 😭😭😭 please report them if you see them and I’m sorry in advance if you end up seeing the spam before I can delete it


I love kt!!! So good!!

Yay!! I’m glad you enjoyed the game! :D


Loved it!

Thank you for recording your playthrough! (sorry for the super late reply omg I feel so bad)

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Wow. I'm floored.

Spoilers for the game ahead, please try to play it first.

Just finished it.
I really didn't expect this. I was... honestly groaning at first when I saw the GF was a typical Yandere who overreacts, and thought that the title was about her after all, not the protagonist. But the twist of the Protagonist actually liking Gore and taking the murder as a gift was enough to let me back in. I laughed at first of confusion, but then came the other endings.

I think it's a good deconstruction. The use of repeat playthroughs was chilling and well-done. I particularly liked seeing the change in perspective of run 4 and 5.
I think it's the first time I actually saw the Yandere trope used in a meaningful way. Showing her as someone who can understand the protagonist's most shameful desires and be there for them, only to have the different perspectives of run 2 and 4 snatch that away, show that you can have friends who are disgusted by gore and violence but who will support you because they know you're good, or other people who like taboo stuff and will bond with you over it.
The result is to show that, no, the love of a yandere is unhealthy, even there. There can be no ending as long as she is around.

The mental deterioration of the protagonist was well done too. The background becoming fuzzier, the loops... the constant smiling without saying anything was creepy. There is that sense of guilt, self-hatred piling up. Ash was relieved to find someone who would understand them (even if finding the murder of your best friend hot was a bit out of it) only to have to face what they said in the new context... and wanting desperately to end this.

The ending is bitter.

...I liked this. It was much more than I anticipated.
Thank you. I'll probably let this... sink in and get the sequel.


Thank you for playing. I’m glad this game touched you in some way. I often wonder if I managed to convey the message I was trying to send with this game properly, so reading your comment was a huge relief. Thank you :D

I played this game a year or 2 ago and I just wanted to say it meant a lot to me and it was really unique and I appreciate the developer for making this.
Thank you

Thanks for playing!! Your comment means a lot to me. I’m glad this game means something to you ;w;

Cacetada. Isso aqui — especialmente o true ending— foi do balacobaco. Parabéns de verdade pelo ótimo jogo. Muito pica.


Oxe, valeu, camarada hasuahsuahau sempre legal ouvir de jogadores brasileiros que curtem o jogo!

Wait where is the sixth ending? I got only five ending and credit rolled.

You probably missed the one you get from not telling Rikka the truth, or the one about the cherry blossoms.

Just for the sake of completion, was Turkish accidentally removed? I saw it was added in a previous update, but I don't see it as an option in v2.5.
Also, selecting any language besides English makes all the other languages disappear (or turn black?) making it harder to switch back or to another.

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The Turkish translation hasn’t been updated with the new content, so it’s been removed for now :(

As for the language thing, I’ll take a look at it as soon as possible!

EDIT: I see it. Man, that’s a weird bug. I swear it was working fine a couple months ago…

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Hah! I figured out what was causing the bug - the translated strings were left empty in each translation. It’s been fixed and I’m uploading a build right now! Thank you for letting me know.

I love this game really nice work the history its juste amazing and the true end and all the end in general are amazing thanks you for this game <3

I wonder if they is more game like this

Thank you for playing! <3 Make sure to check out Another Episode and my other games for more horror games like this one!

he just like me fr

I liked the game :)


Check out Another Episode for more MyGF goodness! ;)


Thank you  and begin bisexual in this game is a win win 😘

Unfortunately, when you exit to the root "select the desired movie" this window appears :(


I should have a patch up in a few minutes. Sorry for the incovenience; unfortunately some bugs in the translations are still out there :(

New patch is up!


Fua amigo esta vn está buenardaa


This is probably the most wholesome game I've ever played, I can't help but get butterflies in my stomach! I especially loved the part where they both opened up, that was so cute! They are now truly together forever <3


Thank you for playing this 100% wholesome adventure! I’m sure they’re together forever in a very special place just for them! :^)

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in the french translation of the game, at a moment, the game show a box with some error in the code

Sorry about that - I’ll be releasing a fix in about 20 mins! >.<

It’s been fixed :^)

ty ^^


at first, i thought it was in the game himself ^^'

and btw, how can i play my old save of the game with the new version?

Replace the old files with the new ones and you should be able to continue from where you left off


this game was so good i loved it you could make a selection for an ending when you completed it all id love to replay parts when i finish


Creepy! But awesome, good job!

Thank you for playing! :D


I loved this game so much! I got every end. The true end was my favorite! The game has Doki Doki vibes. This game has become my favorite indie horror game!


Thank you so much for playing! I’m so happy to hear that it’s your favorite!! :D


Thank you for making this game, I really enjoyed it


Thank YOU for playing!

I am so happy because  the game makes my last day of the winter holiday so great.Thank you for your game!It is so great!

Oh gosh, sorry for the late reply! I’m glad that it made your holiday special - thank you so much for playing!

I liked this novel! There is a good script, melodies and unusual backgrounds, sprites. I also liked the characters) I wish you good luck in future projects!


Oh gosh, thank you so much for the kind words! This is the first recorded playthrough that utilizes another translation, so cool! :D

Hey, in Russian translation when you meet a girl before a date an error comes up, it seems and left one letter out of quotes)

Shoot, I’ll fix it and release a new update ASAP! >.< Sorry!

Alright, it’s fixed! Sorry again for the inconvenience.


i love this game! its so cute and it reminds me a lot of ddlc (my 2nd favorite game!!) <3 

Thank you so much for playing, it means a lot to hear that you love it! :D


Wow, I don't have words for this feeling, how Ash go slowly down deeper into the insanity and how the gf just k1ll his best friend, that shocks me, such a unbelievable experience

Good game

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed the experience.


This was an amazing experience! The plot twists were also amazing and the writing of the story was too. I am hoping to see more of these characters because they're so interesting! (⁠◠⁠‿⁠・⁠)⁠—⁠☆

I’m so glad you had a good time!! :D I’d like to explore the cast a bit further in the future as well!

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