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I'm sorry to ask, but what needs to be done after the 7 differences room and the bathtub scene? I'm completely lost

Go back to the first big hall, there’s an animal skeleton on the bottom right. Interact with it and head up to that skeleton that’s missing a bone. Then, interact with the big crack on the floor to bottom left.

Sorry for the confusion, I’m seeing that there’s an event that’s supposed to give a hint but it’s not activating on my testing. >.<

Thank you so much!!

Nice funny and slightly creepy RPGmaker game, I did not finished it cuz of time constraints but the little minigames, the lore notes and the decisions that you can make that may or may not affect the story make for a really fun time.

The little lore notes are enjoyable and not too long they get boring while also describing some nice details of the world, And the fact we have what it seems to be a mute main character is also really interesting.

I think maybe using shift to skip text is not the best idea since I found myself skipping text by mistake when sprinting. And I also think saving could be improved since is slightly inconvenient.

Overall a solid experience, keep the good work!

Wow, thank you so much for recording your playthrough! I’ll give it a watch as soon as I can.

And thank you for the feedback too, I’ll look into changing the skip button as I also ran into this issue haha.