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Subs to my channel guys.... hehehehe

Thank you for recording your playthrough!! :D


Meiri!!!!! very nice game!!! i really love it




(Glad you enjoyed it!)

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I encountered an error on Ending 5, directly after the line
"...No. That can't be <name>'s."

Pressing ignore, it continued on to the credits, I don't think there was missing much.

[Edit]: has been resolved by new hotfix!

Other than that: this game is a very interesting experience.

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Aah, I’ll release a new build to fix that in a bit.

Thanks for playing! :D

Edit: Just released a new build that fixes this error.


Such a great ending tho! I'd like to know if you interested in translation to Turkish for this game?

Yes, that’d be cool! Let me know what I can do to help :D


#teamlion for life

(play this game it’s fun and short)

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He is the best boy indeed. #teamlion


This was very enjoyable that I got all endings!

There were a few things though:

-Typos (the words: "onn", "hiss" and "teather")

-The music fading in and out is an immersion breaker for me

-The transitions are too slow and there's a lot of them

But aside from that, I really had fun with it! 

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Hi! Thank you for the video, I’ll be watching it later and will leave a comment on it.

I agree that the transitions are a bit too long and the music fades out in a weird way - I only realized it now that I can watch others play. I’ll be uploading a new build that fixes the typos and speeds up the transitions this weekend.

Thanks for your feedback, and I’m really happy that you enjoyed it!!

EDIT: As of 09/03, the changes I wrote above were implemented in a new build of the game.


I was genuinely crushed when it ended. Fuck. Heartbreaking. I love it. I'm not sure if you ever plan on releasing more content for it, but I'll eat that right up if you do. Fantastic.

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Glad you enjoyed it! I don’t have plans for more content atm, but I’ll definetely keep it in mind :D


I really liked this game! It's weird finding a protagonist that likes that kind of stuff, mostly because...


Mostly because in all yandere games the protagonist is scared of the yandere lol, anyways, keep the good work!

Thank you!! Haha yeah, I wanted to do a little twist on the trope :p

This game was fairly interesting. I like the twists and turns it takes. The thing I disliked about this however was the lack of choice for the first playthrough and how you have no choice but to basically click on the mouse button till you reach the end with no possibility of changing the outcome. I understand the concept and what you did with the other endings but personally I found that it took away from the enjoyment in the game having to do multiple playthroughs. I'd say this game is a solid 6.5/10 for sure. Interesting with a good twist but easy to become bored of.

Thank you trying out the game. I really appreciate that you shared your thoughts!


That was unexpected. :) 4/5

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Thank you for playing and making a video!! :D There are 5 more endings you can get, heheh…


I will give it another try if they want to see another go. :) 

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