Bohemian Symphony is now available!

Bohemian Symphony, a visual novel written using an AI, is now out for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android!

Follow the nonsensical adventures of Zalmora Greenhand and friends as they attempt to solve murders, fend off curses, and survive zombie apocalypses.

Live an epic romance or two with men that you can totally trust with your life and will not abandon you when you need them the most.

Featuring 12+ endings - try to see all of the ways Zalmora can meet a terrible fate!

Choose to play with the adapted and revised script or with the original AI generated one, featuring human commentary if desired.

Don't take it too seriously, or else you'll drive yourself as insane as the protagonist. This is a PSA.

It’s a grueling tale of ghosts, mysteries, and Illinois. Please do give it a try!


bohemian_symphony_android.apk 295 MB
Feb 01, 2022 566 MB
Version 1.3 Feb 01, 2022 601 MB
Version 1.3 Feb 01, 2022

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